Comparing the Popular ID-Card Printer Brands on the Market

ID card printers

When we mention the word ID card, the mind automatically thinks of school and college. This is probably one of the first places where it came to be used. However, today, it serves multiple purposes and security is the most important. Companies want their employees to have ID cards for the sake of easy identification. They are used to gain access to private premises and facilities. Businesses can also use such ID cards to allow only a few authorized individuals to access sensitive information.

Given the increasing applications of ID cards, the tech industry is churning out innovative and multi-functional digital ID card printers. Along with the basic function of printing information on the face of the card, it allows you to encode information by way of magnetic strips and barcodes, features that allow you to up security.

We’ve listed some of the top and trusted brands of ID card printers. gives you a detail on their special features and top models, helping you make an informed decision.

Fargo Card Printers
Any list on the top ID card printer brands is incomplete without a mention of Fargo Printers. They have some of the best industrial-grade ID card printers and encoders on the market. Their models make use of the most advanced printing technology thereby guaranteeing a reliable, flexible, high-quality, secure and affordable card printing solution. The Fargo DTC550 Dual Sided ID Card Printer and Fargo DTC400e Dual Sided ID Card Printer are some of the top models in their lineup.


Evolis Card Printers
The other key player in the ID card industry is the European brand, Evolis Printers. They have an extensive collection of printers ranging from the basic to the advanced. Their constructions offer different printing functions (double and single-sided printing), speed capabilities and security encoding features (magnetic stripes, smart contact, smart contactless). They have models for almost every setting and need. Their user-friendly and space-saving designs give you one more reason to choose them.


Magicard Card Printers
If you are on a stringent budget, you might want to look at the lineup at Magicard printers. This manufacturer of ID card printers offers some of the best features in card printing at a cost that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. There are basic versions for occasional use at a small business as well as high-end versions that find application in large companies and organizations. The Persona C30e Dual Sided ID card Printer is a high-performing model at low cost; it costs only $1,900.


Persona Card Printers
Persona is not an independent brand; it is an offshoot of Fargo. Thus, it offers nothing short of the best in quality and design. With its specialization for full color customized ID cards, it creates photo-realistic ID cards with sharp and crisp images. You can use it to create school and company ID cards, membership cards, customer loyalty cards and access cards.

The HID proximity card printer brands listed above give you a comprehensive package of printing systems, equipment and ID card software. This makes it more convenient to design, create and print quality and flawless ID cards. You can weigh the features of every model against the price as well as compare it to other brands to make the right decision for your business.

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